Dutch courses nt2 in Amsterdam

Joost Weet het! (Joost knows) teaches at several different levels. Our Dutch courses are in a nice location in the centre of Amsterdam.

In each course the participation of the student is most important. In the lessons you learn how to speak, write, listen and read in Dutch. But the accent is on speaking. You should be able to put your lessons in practice directly. This counts for spelling your name in the basic course to having a conversation with a doctor at the hospital in the advanced course.

Ordering a sandwich in good dutch also belongs to the program of the course. But do you know what 'moorkoppen', 'bokkenpootjes' and 'stroopwafels' mean? Joost Weet Het!

Also when you have to do the language test in your home country or when you want to obtain the naturalisation diploma you can follow one of our courses.

The Dutch courses of Joost Weet Het!

Intensive Dutch courses:

On April 11 (level B1-B2), May 9, June 7, July 4 and August 8 2022 we start our Intensive Dutch Courses for beginners and advanced. Classes are every day from 10.00hrs until 14.00 hrs at our course location in the centre of Amsterdam. Inform me!

Basic course A1:

For those who don’t speak any Dutch. Price: € 370 for two months and 2 times 2 hours of classes each week, Monday and Wednesday, 19.30 till 21.30h. The extra study material is included in the price. The Dutch course is in the centre of Amsterdam. What's that?

Follow up course A2:

For those who already understand some basic information and can speak and write some Dutch. Price: € 370 (books included) for two months and 2 times 2 hours of classes each week, Monday and Wednesday 19.30 to 21.30h in the centre of Amsterdam. What's that?

Advanced course B1/B2:

These courses are especially for those who have more than global knowledge of everyday Dutch. You can express yourself without a lot of problems, but still have problems with the correct grammar and especially, the order of a ordinary phrase! In the B1 course and B2 course you will learn the automatisms and subtleties of Dutch language. We focus on correct speaking (including common Dutch expressions) and writing. The Location of the Dutch courses is in the centre of Amsterdam. Start April 11. Inform me!

The next intensive Dutch courses for advanced on nt2 level B1-B2 start on April 11 2022. Inform me!

Intensive courses are in the morning, general courses in the evenings, depending on the registrations.


I want to register directly!

What's it is about is that you want to speak Dutch or improve your abilities. This we can guarantee you. A good understanding of your starting level and the level of the courses is very important. That's why Joost Weet Het! uses the level description of the European Union, A1, A2, B1 and B2.  


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