Follow up course A2

When you passed the NT2 exam level A1, or when you speak a little bit of Dutch, you can enter the follow-up course. During the course, we will test your abilities will be tested and we'll match you with people of your own level.

The course NT2-A2 encloses the language part of the naturalization program of the Dutch government ("het inburgeringsprogramma"). What do you learn? 

Listening: You can understand phrases and the most frequent words, when it’s about yourself, your family, work and your environment. You can comprehend the main points in short, simple messages and announcements.

Speaking: You can speak in an easy way about familiar and common things. You’re able to have short social conversations and you can make yourself understood in simple, everyday Dutch.

Reading: you can read easy texts en understand easy personal letters. You can find information in advertisements, menus and timetables.

Writing: You can write easy notes and a simple personal letter. 


The first day the knowledge will be refreshed. When necessary the group will be split up in two levels.

During the course you can work more at the EDUEXTRASITE®. We advise you how to improve your skills.

Course program

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